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Poster: AltheaRose Date: Apr 26, 2013 6:32pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Never mind how I stumble and fall?

OK, here's what's most upsetting to me about all this. Other than what has already been said.

1. Phil has written about how they all watched Jerry basically die on stage and did nothing and how horrible it felt, and others have talked and written for years about the GD ignore-the-problem mode, and he/they are STILL DOING IT. OK, maybe they knew Bob had a problem and argued and were pissed and all ... maybe ... but if so, how exactly is that different from what happened with Jerry? Except that Bob actually fell in public?

2. Drop the PR BS and have some respect for the audience and truth, Phil. Seriously. "Sprained shoulder"? Is there a video of what he said? I'm holding out a scrap of hope that it was more than that, but it seems he really did dish out the press-release bull and try to spin like a corporate hack after an oil spill. Except the hacks do it better. At least if he's going to do the PR bull route he could do it WELL. Add a little truthiness. Like, "he sprained his shoulder and it seems he took an Ambien instead of his pain meds." Undoubtedly not the whole/real story, but claiming that a guy who looked dead-drunk on stage and then fell over had a sprained shoulder is the worst sort of disrespect for whoever is listening: audience, fans, everyone.